Hemp Lip Balm ,


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Hemp lip balm is an all weather intensive  protects your lips from the dry hot sun or cold windy days.

Why hemp?

Well Hemp oil is beneficial to the lips because it contains emollient  this will leave your lips feeling soft, healthy, smooth and instantly hydrated.

Hemp seed oil is very nourishing, without being too greasy on the skin so your lips will soak up the softening properties of hemp seed oil.

This has a high level of Omega fatty acid and linoleic acid. So important for cellular health and they help cells that make up the outer layer of your skin.

This product is also vegan

How to use. Apply on lips as often as needed or as desired.

Please note this is handmade and labels are put on by hand. While we all want to be perfect we just cant and sometimes the labels are a tad off this does not affect the product at all 



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