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Hemp Body Butter contains hemp seed oil which has a high concentration of essential fatty acids to repair skin’s moisture barrier so it is smooth and supple.

There are many essential fatty acids found in Hemp Seed Oil, these acids most similar to our skin’s lipids are Omega 3, 6 and 9. Omega 3 has great anti-inflammatory benefits that can therapeutically heal skin conditions.

Hemp-enriched body butter applied directly to the affected area will help relieve the itch associated with eczema. It will also help all dry skin but is suitable for all skin type.

This product is natural, vegan and contains no GMO


How to use, Apply a small pea size amount to skin. I tend to go body part by body part so I start with on arm then get another small pea size amount and do the other legs and repeat for the legs

Please note this is handmade and labels are put on by hand. While we all want to be perfect we just cant and sometimes the labels are a tad off this does not affect the product at all 


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