Effects of Hemp on Rashes and Eczema. Before and After photo January 27, 2018 – Posted in: Hemp, Uncategorized – Tags: , , , , , ,

This is my son *Colin. As you can see he has a dry rash/ eczema on his right nipple area. These photos were taken about 5 minute apart.
The photos on the left were taken during his bath and whilst drying him off afterward.
The photo on the right was taken approximately 5 minutes later after I applied TheGreenPlace Hemp Moisturiser to the affected area.
The results were almost immediate. You can see the reduction in redness and swelling.

I am excited to see if the Hemp Moisturiser clears his skin completely, but for now I am so pleased to have a safe, natural and effective solution that gives him relief from the pain and irritation of the rash.

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Hemp Moisturiser 100ml

xx Danielle – Co- Owner
*Colin is 20 months old, rash/eczema formed just before Summer